To become the one of the best through continuous innovations in education,
research, creativity, and entrepreneurship with an aim to have a transformative
impact on society.


  • To provide an educational environment where students can realize their full potential in their chosen discipline and attain quality education to face the challenges of the future.
  • To implement a variety of high-quality programs at undergraduate,
    postgraduate, and doctoral levels for all specializations and disciplines.
  • To establish a dynamic, challenging, and ethical environment for high-quality teaching and learning process, research and development with holistic approach.
  • To disseminate the knowledge and process for interaction and collaboration with the global community to transform the lives of people through innovation and excellence in higher education.
  • To assimilate the usage of technology in teaching pedagogy and extend the educational opportunity for practicing professionals at the District, State, national & International level.
  • To serve the country and human community at large academically,
    technically, professionally, and culturally with a sound human resource.


  • To create centers of excellence for providing knowledge, education, training and research facilities of high order in the field of science, engineering, professional education, paramedical, commerce, management, education, humanities and other related professional education as per its current status and such other manner as may develop in future, including continuing education and distance learning.
  • To impart knowledge and training in various fields at the undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral levels contributing to the development of the state and the nation at large besides facilitating the residents of Mandya District for employability in the region so as to reduce flux of migration.
  • Engage students in learning partnerships with faculty and the community as well as engage faculty and students in professionally related service to the university, the community and the society at large.


Promoting Excellence : Promoting excellence in education, research,
innovation and entrepreneurship through continuous developments to
transform the entire community

Meeting challenges of life: Ensure that our students develop the character,
attitude, abilities and skills to face ups and downs with the realistic challenges
of life.

Diversity : Focused to meet the changing global needs with a diversity of
upcoming future generation Programmes across different disciplines of

Respect & Integrity : We will facilitate the development and dissemination
of knowledge in the global community by caring for the ideas, integrity and
talent of each other through the exchange of ideas to live and work in

Community Service : We will encourage a sense of belonging based on trust,
symbiotic relationship and self-governance to serve the community as true
human beings with high moral values.